Motoring and Absorbing AC Dynamometer System

351 Hp, 100 Hp, and 64 Hp motoring and absorbing systems
This AC dynamometer system, used to test electrical filters/reactors, consists of three sets of motoring and absorbing drives and motors. The smallest motors, rated at 64 Hp, is mounted above the largest motors, rated at 351 Hp, to conserve on test cell space. While the mid-sized motors, rated at 100 Hp, are mounted to a base in a traditional fashion.

Component Descriptions:

  • For each set: One motor/drive combination acts as an absorption unit while the other acts as the motoring unit.
  • Absorbtion Sets: Comprised of an electric motor with a regenerative drive, hence recouping some of the energy used by the set responsible for driving the system.
  • Motoring Sets: Comprised of an identical electric motor to its absorption counterpart, with a non-regenerative drive and a connection cubical on the output. The electrical filters are either placed ahead of the drive or at the output of the connection cubical for testing.