Facility Support Systems

Water Systems
Air Handling Systems
Engine Exhaust Systems

Comprehensive Water
Recirculation System (WRS)

A Water Recirculation System (WRS) for dyno cooling saves you money and reduces environmental impact. Instead of continually using freshwater and discharging it to a sewer, the WRS cools the water for reuse.

Continuously Managing the
Interior Atmosphere

Air Handling Systems are essential for cooling and providing fresh air to the test cell, while alleviating potentially harmful issues.

Eliminating Harmful Fumes from
the Test Environment

Eliminating engine exhaust from the test cell is essential to the safety of your personnel and to ensure proper engine operation.
Bulk Fuel Storage and Distribution
Coolant Storage and Distribution
Sound Control Solutions

Safe and Sufficient Fuel Supply
for Your Operation

During the initial stages of facility design, Fuel Storage and Distribution Systems are often overlooked or minimized. While the use of a standalone day tank for testing engines is practical for short duration tests of small engines, large industrial engines often require more sophisticated Fuel Storage and Distribution Systems.

Safe and Efficient Way to Handle Engine Coolant in Your Test Cell

You have a variety of options for proper cooling of your test cell. Your Coolant Storage and Distribution System must take into account your test cell layout, the amount of coolant required by the engine and capabilities of the engine and pumps.

Analysis and Specifications to Reduce Noise Inside and Out of Your Test Cell

Are you looking for ways to reduce sound in your dyno room? Cutting the noise level both inside and out of your test cell is essential to protect personnel from high sound levels and safety hazards.