Engine Emissions Testing Equipment

Engine emissions testing equipment from DyneSystems

Test for EPA, CARB, ECE / EU Specifications

Our systems provide you the capability to test engine emissions to the latest EPA, CARB, ECE/EU and other international environmental agency test cycle specifications.

  • Steady-state or transient (standard and custom)
  • Engine or chassis dynamometer control systems and engine throttle controls
  • Test cell control and data acquisition systems
  • Exhaust gas analysis (not CARB or EPA certified)

Small Engine steady-state eddy current test stand

  • Up to 5HP engines (garden appliance, chainsaw, or similar engines)
  • Vertical, Horizontal or Horizontal-angled (up to 30 degrees) for true-to-life testing position
  • View its multiple positions at our Vertical/Horizontal page, along with more information on vertical-horizontal dyno test stands

Vertical / Horizontal Eddy Current or AC dynamometer test stand

  • Up to 50HP engines (lawnmowers, snow removal equipment, small gen-sets, utility engines)
  • Vertical or horizontal engine shaft orientation
  • More information on vertical-horizontal test stands

Please note: Even the largest dry gap dynamometers can be configured either vertically or horizontally. These smaller test stands are multi-position.

Light-Duty Vehicle Engine Test Stands

  • Translates FTP-75 Chassis dynamometer test cycle to run on an engine dynamometer as a transient test cycle

Large Spark Ignition (LSI) Transient Engine Testing

  • New standard for 2007
  • Utilizes low-inertia eddy current or motoring dynamometer, depending upon the application
  • More information on AC dynamometers

FTP Heavy-Duty Transient Testing

  • Transient emissions cycles for Diesel engines
  • Requires AC or DC motoring dynamometer
  • More information on DC dynamometers

Control and Automation (Cell Assistant™ 2012)

  • Controls dynamometer and engine test cycle setpoint (speed, torque)
  • Emissions bench communication drivers for most commonly used benches, including Horiba, Pierburg, AVL, California Analytical Instruments (CAI), Rosemont and others
  • For individual gas analyzers that do not include a Bench Computer, we offer our Companion Data Acquisition system for collection and processing of raw data.

Exhaust Gas Analysis: Portable 5-Gas Analyzer (For Audit Only) Utilizes Andros 5-Gas Analyzer

Our XM-2000™ gives you high-end results at a fraction of the cost of certified benches. (Not EPA or CARB certified)

  • “Pre-certify” your engines. XM2000 is portable - move it from cell to cell and reduce waiting time for your expensive certified emissions bench
  • Raw sampling analysis of NOx, HC, CO, CO2 and O2
  • Utilizes an Andros 5-gas analyzer that measures with both Electro Chem and NDIR sampling methods
  • Is wrapped around a complete gas conditioning system and integrated with a touchscreen control interface

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